January 30, 2011 Marco Polo.. fish out of water!

Blind dragons are surprisingly good at killing people. Luckily we found out a trick.. just run around like crazy people!

Poseidon is still looking to build back up to 25 man raiding. Please apply!

January 21, 2011 Conclave of Wind

Quick update, went in and downed conclave of wind in about an hour. Its a bit like doing the old four horseman achievement

January 20, 2011 Voltron and Captain Planet

Focusing on 10 man for a bit and made some good progression. First up is Voltron I mean Omnitron. If it was Voltron the 4 actually would have combined their powers which is sorta like the other boss we killed but Im getting ahead of myself

Yes a great quality screenshot by yours truly. Note how the boss has been oblitterated by my excellent use of MSPaint. Luckily we have a better murloc themed screenshot for our next boss, Captain Planet! After wiping at 3% with a normal group for a few hours, we decided to cheese it and run 5 ranged. As expected, it only took 3 attempts, and only one of those a quality exchange. While we did not manage to execute my l33t break the earth shield strat, down he went

Poseidon is still recruiting to get back up to 25 mans so if you are looking for a good late night guild, please apply!
January 2, 2011 Magmaw

Our very first night on a real 25 man raid boss (no Tol Barad 1 shot doesnt count sorry) and down goes Magmaw, with only 24 people. Honestly, if the information on tankspot had been accurate, it would have only take a couple tries, the only issues we were having was actually chaining his head down.

Not to repeat myself, but Poseidon is still recruiting, we need about 3 more players for 25 mans. Apply today!
December 21, 2010 Halfus Wyrmbreaker

After a fast paced week of leveling and gearing up in 5 mans, we stepped foot into a 10 man raiding zone. Strategy after strategy was attempted including almost all possible combinations of waking up 1 2 or 3 drakes. Eventually we settled on removing the haste buff and the aoe damage, and running 2.5 tanks and 3 healers. 40s after enrage, down he went!

Poseidon is still recruiting, we need about 5 more players for 25 mans. Apply today!
December 4, 2010 Catacylsmic Dreuel
After months of gdkp and a year in icc, a new expansion is upon us! Poseidon will be continuing as a 25 man guild and will be reinstating its normal 3 night a week raid schedule. But let's hear it from Officer Dreuel, who we will never let be a boomkin due to an unfortunate Malygos showing a few years ago
Poseidon is a tight-knit guild of friendly, grown-up raiders on a work- and life-friendly schedule who are now recruiting to dive into Cataclysm! Our long-term focus is 25-man raiding but that choice is up in the air pending how Cataclysm raiding shakes out across all servers.

In BC, after a year-late start to 25-man raiding, Poseidon beat Illidan before the 3.0 patch and completed the nerfed Sunwell, from start to finish, in the four weeks between 3.0 and Wrath. In Wrath, Poseidon raided content from Naxx to ICC, including hard modes, and our regular players generally had the best hard mode raiding gear available to them.

In BC and Wrath we used the Ni Karma system for loot distribution, described on our website. For Cataclysm, we may or may not elect to use that system.

All classes and specs are welcome. Please apply here

Let's hear it for Dreuel everyone! Poseidon will be filling up over the next month in preparation for official raiding to start after the holidays. For Cataclysm we will be switching to epgp although rules have not been finalized yet.

September 12, 2010 GDKP

Announcing Poseidon's official conversion to GDKP for the rest of this expansion. Poseidon has been 9/12 heroic ICC for months and have a solid core of players to insure successful runs.

Looking for raiders for Poseidon's Halion 25 GDKP run and ICC25 heroic. Invites will go out Tuesday 7:55pm Pacific time and raid will end when Halion is dead, most likely around 9pm. There will be a ICC 25 Heroic run on Saturday, 8pm to 12pm pacific. Normally calendar invites will go out 2 days early, however as this is the first run, we will be setting the raid by 7pm Tuesday if possible. The majority of the raid will be Poseidon mains/alts to ensure a well progressed run.

We are currently looking for skilled raiders that can fill the role of successfully healing, and dpsing efficiently on a majority of hard mode encounters.

Ideal class candidates are:
  • People with lots of gold and a mix of 245/264 epics
  • Already geared players
  • Alts of geared players with gold
  • All players MUST be able to listen to instruction, stay out of fire and dps to the best of their abilities.

If you are looking for gold, you need to be geared. If you are looking for gear, you need to have gold.

GDKP Bids:
  • 271-277 Trinkets: 2000g min
  • 277 Tokens: 5000g min - 500g increments
  • 271-277 Gear: 750g min - 200g increments
  • 264 Tokens: 1000g min - 100g increments
  • 264 gear: 500g min - 100g increments
  • *Shadowmourne Infusions - 5k starting bid per infusion* (time permitting, must know all details of how to get infusion ahead of time)
  • *Shadowmourne Fragments - reserved at this time
  • BoE's: 500g min - 100g increments
  • Primordials: will be auctioned off as a whole quantity to the highest bidder

The pot will be split evenly at the end of the night. If you leave early or go AFK for an extended amount of time, without informing the raid leader then you will be removed from raid and forfeit your share of the pot. If you wipe the raid repeatedly you may also be removed.

All bids are binding, if you bid for an item, win it and can't pay up then you will be removed from raid. You will also be forfeiting your share of the pot. No joke bidding or wasting time, the goal is to clear everything quickly and efficiently.

Please see the GDKP forums for the official post.

Auguest 29, 2010 Shadowmourne #3

And just 2 months later.. then there were three

Its been a good summer. Clearing content regularly, making good progress on Putricide. We could use some new faces though so please apply!

June 27, 2010 Shadowmourne #2, 9/12

And then there were two

It's been a typical start of summer month. Lost some long term members, got some new blood. Got some new kills. Note the extremely obvious visual clues that the kills were both on heroic mode and not normal...

Just a few more heroics to go!

May 11, 2010 Shadowmourne

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped me get this awesome weapon. The new members and the old members. The tanks who put up with my backseat tanking, the dps who yelled at me to get out of the fire and the healers who kept me alive when I pulled agro. I couldn't have done it without you!

May 2, 2010 7/12 ICC Heroics

Worst update ever!

We've been progressing right along at a good clip and are 7/12 Heroic ICC now. Hopefully next week will have some actual screenshots of boss kills :).

April 10, 2010 Lich King

Best Wipe ever!

Huge grats to everyone

March 2, 2010 Sindragosa

Yes I'm well aware that Im actually posting this update a bit after the official date, so sue me!. Tuesday we went straight to our most recent nemesis Saphiron err i mean Sindragosa. After 1 week of a bugged instance not letting us zone in, and a 2.7% wipe, we killed her on our 3rd attempt of the night. Way to go everyone! Yes the kill was with the extra 5% buff but we killed with over 2 minutes to spare, we would have been won without it.

We are working on Lich King now so stay tuned!

February 11, 2010 Blood Queen

Weeks of disheartening attempts on Blood Queen including a wipe at 1.5%, Blizzard removes the attempt counter and.. we kill that vampire on our 4th try of the week. Listen carefully and you can hear your fearless leader saying we are 'way ahead of the timer' and we were! We killed 3 seconds before the beserk instead of 10 seconds after! :)

Estatic after our Blood queen kill, we headed over to Dreamwalker and first try, down she goes.. or up she went you could say perhaps.. This may be the closest try ever as there was only 1 paladin left at the end. Thankfully his hearthstone was on cooldown cuz I'm pretty sure he was trying to bubble hearth.

January 19, 2010 Putricide

A new wing opened 2 weeks ago and while we cleared Rotface and Festergut on the first night, Putricide gave us a bit more trouble. After a 5% wipe on Sunday night, we came back on Tuesday, the week the new wing opened and killed him on our 2nd try of the night

We did a few tries on Blood princes and found out our warlock did not like getting melee'd. Blizzard agreed this was a bad thing and fixed it for us so they will go down no problem on Sunday.

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